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Google Play

Google should really think about app selection on market by now.

Play store contains thousands of apps with millions of users using them, reviewing them. As an android user, I have liked, installed and using many awesome free and paid apps. I quite like the openness of Google, however I feel time has come to be selective on which apps to keep in the market and which not. It feels a bit awkward when I install a particular app and remove it soon I realize this is useless. I agree that Google might have their own stance on why still keeping these apps those are not much functional or buggy to some extent. We have to accept literally hundreds of different types of devices from different manufacturer has to be conformed with. Its a tedious job for Google Play store to conform with all these devices with different hardware and software specification, however there might an automated solution which works. Good thing is app reviewers are continuously making rating and writing comments. This rating and comments data could be used for keeping / ranking an app. Besides there should be more search filtering which might help users decide which apps to install and which not. Google play store may also keep apps installation, app usage duration and uninstallation frequency for rating an app.

These are few wild ideas that Google might deploy in order to rank, keep, remove apps from Google Play Store.

How long will it take to download

1 mbps connection = 1 million bits per sec = 1,000,000 bits per sec

and 1 MB data = 1024 KB = 1024×1024 B = 1024x1024x8 bits = 8,388,608 bits

So in a 1mbps connection, 8,388,608 / 1,000,000 = 8.389 aprox sec time will take per 1 MB data

So in 1 mbps connection, 60/8.389 = 7.15 MB per Minute should be downloaded theoretically.

In reality lets say roughly 5 – 6 MB per Minute.

That’s a rough conclusion for newbies.

My Choice of IDEs


- Non GUI Java development: Eclipse, Netbeans
- GUI Java development: Netbeans, Eclipse


- Non GUI C/C++ development: Eclipse CDT, Netbeans
- GUI C/C++ development: Qt Creator

Other IDE / Editors:

C/C++: Codeblocks, Geany
Java: JEdit,JCreator, JBuilder, IntelliJ
C#: Visual Studio 2008/2010
General Purpose: emacs/gedit/kedit/nedit, kwrite, notepad++


QUICK FIX: Create a new workspace on the new desired location and import the projects from the old workspace.Do not forget to check the “Copy projects into workspace” checkbox so that the projects get copied to the new workspace directory. From this point on autocomplete should be back on its feet.

Twitter Beefs Up “Discovery” Page

Twitter has expanded its “discovery” page   on so users will see a steady stream of Tweets, which are also “expanded” to show off more text and art. The upgrade is part of the company’s continuing push to keep users on the site longer.

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