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October 2, 2012

In search of “what makes a man successful?”

Billion dollars question, no doubt.

Lets see what people think –

I believe that the answer is a combinatuon of: Tallent, luck, hardworking, spotting the chance B4 the others, strong belief in what you do, willing to go an extra mile, personallity (charming), good communication abilities (a go with people).

Found at

After that hard work, absorbing lessons from the best and the worst, being persistent to get what want, being prepared each and every day, getting knocked down and standing back up, and appreciating every little thing that you have and are in life so that you have the confidence to go and get your life.

Found at

Behind every successful man is a surprised woman.

Taking others words, I find the list goes –

Sorting the chance before others
Strong belief
charming personality
Communication Skills
being positive
nice impression
good family life
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